Awakening The Sales Force

The Goal with Osiris James Awakening The Sales & Marketing Force Within Your Business in order for the Entrepreneurial Generation to win in the knowledge Age Economy in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Business Accelerator

Spread Your Brand, Schedule More Appointments & Win More Deals The Fastest way to drive the greatest results is through coaching. The business Accelerator packages is designed for small business

Entrepreneurial Coaching

Fire your boss and discover how to create a high paying job for yourself. Osiris will guide you through taking the first steps and show you how to build the confidence and generate the momentum necessary to become a virtual sales and marketing entrepreneur in the knowledge age

Sales Training

Sales professionals and business of all sizes have a simple choice; embrace the new selling paradigm and remain relevant, or disregard it and continue to miss quotas and become obsolete.

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution & the Entrepreneurial Generation Fire Your Boss and Create One High Paying jobs for yourself In Sales and Internet Marketing

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    Why Osiris James ?
    • Why Osiris James ?

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Drive Sales & Increase Your Market Share Now
Leverage Osiris James’s Network of On-Demand Sales and Internet Marketing Enterpreneur

Osiris James Teaches the New Paradigm of Sale and Marketing in the knowledge age economy - Coaches The Entrepreneurial Generation on how to create jobs for themselves and Helps Small Business Generate More Leads, Schedule More Appointments and close more Deals

Ushering in a New Paradigm for Selling

Osiris James consults with small business on how to leverage the tools of the new paradigm of selling to achieve their sales and marketing goals. Learn how to offer a cost effective, virtual network of trained on-demand sales and marketing professionals powered by CRM applications, marketing automation software and driven by our Customer Services Upgrade selling system. Create a scalable framework for generating leads, scheduling more appointments and closing deals faster.

Drive Sales & Increase Market Share

  • Lower the financial risks associated with hiring sales representatives
  • Find flexible service and pricing plans that fit your business needs
  • Create direct or virtual sales and marketing automation campaigns
  • Establish a virtual or direct independent sales agent team
  • Implement an e-mail, SEO & social selling marketing strategy

  • Lead Generation

    My Internet market research lead generation strategies can generate qualified business leads for any vertical. Sales lead generation is the lifeline of most businesses. Ask any salesperson if they could use more qualified leads or appointments and the answer will always be a resounding “yes!” My lead generation strategy coupled with my virtual appointment setting campaigns provides a cost-effective appointment setting and lead generation solution that any small business can afford.

  • Appointment Setting

    Osiris James’ cloud-base virtual appointment setting system combined with his lead generation strategy provides a cost-effective appointment setting solution for consultants, agents and companies of all sizes.

  • Virtual Sales Automation

    Sales and Marketing automation is changing the shape of today's sales approach and has become an indispensable tool for both sales and marketing teams. Sales teams become more effective and marketing teams can do more with less.

  • Internet Marketing

    Internet marketing, or online marketing, refers to advertising and marketing efforts that use the Web and email to drive direct sales via electronic commerce, in addition to sales leads from websites or emails



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